Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Wittering Retro Classic 2008

Seeing I promised to post photo's on the website last October, I thought I should start with the Wittering Retro Challenge.

Considering its not the surf centre of the world they managed a good turnout, I think about 50 competitors and some really classic boards to surf. The on-shore peaked at about 2 ft and the sun was out. Competitors were all in fancy dress, with no care for practicality's, although I noticed some leaving swords, tridents and guitars on the beach.

Batman surfed solidly to win, he returned to South Africa with the 6'8" Black and White Quad Fish first prize signed by the other competitors. It was by no means an easy contest with several hot locals including Nick from Wittering Surf Shop and veterans like John Copley and Simon Tucker in the heats.

Batman (Jonothan) the winner!

You must visit Richard Gregory's brilliant video on Wavedreamer to get the real feel of the event, Just click the link; http://www.wavedreamer.co.uk/?p=144


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